Reasons to consider painting your car

Top Three Reasons to Consider Painting Your Car

There’s no question: new cars look fabulous with their glossy paint. Your vehicle, on the other hand, may beshowing its years. Bring your ride back to its former glory with a fresh coat. You won’t just be saving face; you’ll also be saving the life of your old friend. Here’s a look at the top three reasons to give your auto a new ‘do.

1.       Repair Damage 

If your car was significantly damaged in an accident, a new coat is usually required of course. However, there are every day issues as well. Tree sap, bird droppings and dirt can all scratch and even eat away at the surface. Touch up work can take care of small areas, but if you have a large patch it’s probably time for an overhaul.

2.       Prevent Rust From Taking Over

As vehicles age, the protective coating begins to decay. Sun, wind, rain and snow slowly etch away the finish, leaving it vulnerable to rust. This is particularly true in climates that see snow, where salt is used on roads. Rust is not only unsightly, but it can cause structural damage.

 3.       You Want to Flaunt It

Sometimes the manufacturer’s paint job just isn’t enough. When you consider your car an extension of yourself, you want it to fit your personality. You can express yourself by customizing the color or using more than one.

Fresh paint, applied correctly, can breathe new life into your vehicle. Please visit this website to learn more about car paint in North County.


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