What is a Cargo Master Rack?

If you are fairly new to customizing your truck, or if you just haven’t needed to use roof racks much in the past, then this question might seem a little confusing. After all, most people are familiar with a variety of roof racks for other vehicles, but most of the time they are single-use accessories. A cargo master rack, though, is a bed-length rack that fits on your truck’s roof, usually attaching to a cap.

Benefits & Features

Unlike many other kinds of roof racks, it attaches to the cap even when it extends forward, allowing it to be removed with the truck cap in the event you need an open bed. Its other features include:

  • Versatile grid patterns with ample places for ratchet straps
  • Heavy duty construction to take the weight of oversized equipment without protest
  • Modular design makes it a fit for a variety of kinds of equipment, both work and recreational

The idea is to create an attachment that works as well for ladders, lumber, and other outsized items as it does for your recreational gear like kayaks, skiffs, and overhead storage compartments.

Options & Availability

The term “cargo master rack” refers to a variety of designs from different manufacturers with their own subtle benefits and features. This means that finding the best one for your particular truck and your cargo hauling needs will take a bit of research, but it will also result in a great fit for your vehicle and your lifestyle. To learn more about cargo master racks in Murrieta, visit this website.


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