The Ins and Outs of Truck Bed Protection

Keeping your truck looking new takes more than regular washing and a great wax job. Hauling gear, toolsand toys can give your truck a beating. Protecting your truck bed from the inevitable chips and scratches that can lead to rust is as easy as installing protection in the form of a truck bed liner, bed rug, or bed mat.

A truck bed liner is great for anyone who puts their truck through hard use. It offers complete coverage for the interior of your truck bed, including the floor, side walls, and wheel wells. There are several varieties of liners to choose from. There are spray-on or brush-on options that you can either do yourself or have done by a professional. These can’t be removed, which means no changing your mind later, but it also means no worry about it shifting. Some varieties include texture in the paint that will help prevent your gear from shifting around.

Other truck bed liners are custom-molded to fit your make and model and are attached with snaps, adhesive, or hook-and-loop tape. They can be a hard vinyl or come with a soft, carpet-like finish.You’ll want to be sure they allow water to drain through, or you risk trapping debris and moisture between the liner and the truck bed, which is an unpleasant recipe for mold and rust. Minor differences in the trim line of your truck can make a big difference in how your liner fits, so be sure you know exactly what trim level you have before buying a bed liner.

For maximum flexibility, protect your truck bed with a bed rug or a truck bed. A truck bed rug or mat covers only the bed of your truck, many with an optional or additional tailgate mat. Both can be easily removed, thus keeping your options open.A bed rug is differentiated by the rubber bottom and a carpet-like finish on the top that keeps your gear from shifting during transport.A bed rug often has a little bit of padding, making it softer, so if you spend a lot of time jumping in and out of your truck or kneeling on the bed while you dig through your toolbox, you’ll appreciate that. A bed mat is usually solid rubber or polyethylene, sometimes textured on the top, and is primarily for protection.

There’s no right or wrong answer, just the solution that works for your needs. Click here to find out about truck bed liners in Chula Vista that’s right for you.


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