What to Expect When You Refresh Your Car With a Coat of Paint

If your car has lost its sleek look since the day you bought it, you might be considering ways to spruce it up a bit. If waxing and detailing hasn’t given you quite the result you have been hoping for, a new coat of paint just might do the job. Having your car professionally painted follows a specific process.

When you take your car to the repair shop, the professional auto body painters will begin by checking your vehicle’s exterior for dents and scratches. If they find any, they will repair them before beginning the painting process. This ensures a smooth, sleek finish for your car.

Once any blemishes have been repaired, the paint shop will use a surface sealer. Surface sealer creates a barrier between your old paint job and the new look to keep the paint from fading or chipping. It also helps to keep the new coat shiny.

After sealing, it will be time for you to decide which type of paint job you want for your car. Most companies offer basic and premium packages. A basic package usually includes a single-stage enamel coat that simply refreshes your current paint job and adds some gloss. In some cases, you can opt for a urethane application, extra coats of paint and other services to boost durability. Specifics will depend on which shop you visit.

Finally, a protective gloss will be applied to seal in the color. The professional paint team will give you detailed instructions regarding proper car of the paint, including how long to wait before washing or waxing your car again.

Many shops offer extra services that will make your car truly stand out from the rest. If you want a unique look for your vehicle, you might consider custom Pinstriping or some other one-of-a-kind feature. Custom designs especially come in handy for work vehicles since they make them more memorable to passersby. Many shops will also offer headlight restoration services so your car looks as good as new from roof to tire treads — and, of course, headlight services have the added benefit of making your car safer to drive!

Whether you need a basic paint job to touch up your car’s classic red vibe, or you want something completely new to get you noticed around town, a professional paint job is a great way to feel like you have a new car without spending new car money. Click here to learn more about car refinishing repair in Clayton.


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